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Kids Safety

usfa kids
– Learn about home fire safety, smoke alarms, and escaping a fire with interactive tutorials with quizzes to check your knowledge. Play games and enjoy fun activities for better learning.

fema for kids
– Get kid-friendly fire safety tips and information. Learn about fire-related product recalls. Print out fire safety activity sheets and coloring pages. Use the interactive Kids Fire Safety tutorial, and play fire safety learning games, too.

fire safe kids
– Fire safety made fun! Practice how to be safe dealing with fire with fun activities, coloring, and games. Learn about the science behind fires, too.

kids fire safety tips
– Join Buzzy, Reddy and Squirt as they teach fire safety tips to children and their families.

– Kids, parents, and educators learn about fire safety. Find tips and information for making your home safer as well as to facilitate learning fire safety. Kids will learn while having fun with games and activities.

kids health from nemours
– Information for parents for helping kids learn about fire safety. Find out how much you know about fire safety and get basic facts for teaching kids how to stay safe. Includes links for additional information about fire safety for parents, kids, and teens.

fire safety for rescue
– Play fun flash games about fire safety. Get coloring pages and posters. Learn about fire safety with activities, like word search, and test your knowledge with the challenge or quiz. Find a fire department near you, watch videos, and get information for parents and teachers, too.

– The Burn Institute’s fire safe kid website. The Fire Safe Kids are Bella, Junior, and Gregory. They, along with Curious the dog, lead kids through games and activities to learn about fire safety. Also find lifesaving tips for families and download an escape plan.

smokey the bear
– Learn about wildfires, the people who fight them, and how to prevent them. Enjoy games and stories in the Smokey Kids section. Sign the pledge to help stop the spread of wildfires.

– Enjoy interactive learning about fire safety with games and activities. Information about birthday fun, mobile apps, and a parents section also included.

pbs kids arthur
– Get information on how to Be Smart, Prepared, and Safe with fire safety tips from Arthur.

danger rangers
– Empower kids with information about fire safety to prevent disasters and injuries. Read fire safety tips. Have fun with music, games, activities, and videos.

keep kids fire safe
– Watch videos on fire safety featuring fire safety dogs to learn about fire safety. Schools and organizations can also arrange Skype sessions with fire safety dogs for their kids. Access resources for kids, parents, educators, and firefighters.

– Find fire safety tips, activity sheets, videos, crafts, and more. Email Sparkles, the Fire Safety Dog, with your fire safety questions. Play games, browse photos, and shop the Sparkles’ Store.

lets get ready
– Popular characters from Sesame Street teach children how to plan together for emergencies in a series of videos that are fun for the whole family.

ask a firefighter
– Firefighters Bill, Kevin, and Ashleigh answer kid-submitted questions to provide an interactive learning experience on the importance of fire safety. Access video answers from the firefighters of some real questions asked by kids.

Important Fire Safety Tips

  • Practice your family fire drill at least twice every year.
  • Have smoke detectors on every floor of your home and near sleeping areas.
  • Test smoke and carbon monoxide detector batteries every month, and replace detector batteries at least once per year.
  • Don’t play with matches, lighters, or other fire sources.
  • Do not hide during a fire. Fall to the floor and crawl along your escape route, testing doors with the back of your hand.
  • If clothes catch on fire, remember to Stop, Drop, and Roll until the fire is out.
  • Have emergency numbers on your refrigerator and on every phone.